Aletheia: Enabling the Thinking of a CIO and Execution of an IT Manager

CIO Vendor There is a fine line of difference between ‘must have’ and ‘nice to have’. Medium businesses usually oscillate between the sides and end up with a nearly failed business. There are organizations that have made huge investments on IT infrastructure, not necessary for the size of the business and at the same time not optimally utilized. On the other hand, there are some that do not have the required IT infrastructure to support existing business processes and manage scalability. In the existing dilemma, Aletheia enters the arena to turn the tables. Based out of Mumbai, Aletheia works with clients and helps plan, design and implement their digital aspirations on what is a ‘Must’ for the business rather than the ‘Nice’ to have. Given the diverse nature of business process automation/digitization for different organizations, Aletheia’s IT infrastructure & software solutions are architectured depending on the type of organization, business requirement and IT spend willingness. Here, their model as being technology partners to their clients plays an important role, wherein it’s a build & operated or just an operate model.

Customer Centricity is the Key
Driving their 70 percent revenue from IT services, Aletheia focuses on areas of services & solutions including IT Infrastructure management, IT outsourcing services, Managed Services and Remote Infrastructure Management Services (RIM). On the infrastructure front, this IT services provider renders solutions on cloud technologies, back-up and storage solution, server computing, data security solutions, business intelligence, migration and related services.
Having built partnerships with various OEM’s, Aletheia is able to take their technologies to customers and build a right cost-effective infrastructure solution as required by the customer. The company is inclined on delivering tailor made solutions to the clients as either a dedicated support function or a shared services model. Addressing the pain points of the customers looking for professional help on IT consulting and management, Aletheia performs a feasibility audit to begin with. It starts with understanding the business, expectations from IT, growth plans of the business, current infrastructure setup, gap analysis and a concluding mitigation plan.

Having built partnerships with various OEM’s, Aletheia is able to take their technologies to customers and build a right costeffective infrastructure solution

Aware of the tilt towards cloud computing, Aletheia is gearing up to embrace the change, by building inhouse skills and allying with cloud partners. While such a paradigm shift, from on premise to on cloud is happening, the Director & CEO, Clarence D’souza feels confident that going forward organizations will seek more Managed services and service desk management, for rendering quality end user IT services. Besides, the end goal for Aletheia is to work with medium enterprises, who want IT to become their business enabler and help them focus on their core business and manage their Information Technology business function, thereby abiding by the concept to offer the ‘thinking of a CIO’ and the ‘execution of an IT manager’.