AltF9 Technology : Cloud Solutions for Business Process Improvement and Sharing Knowledge

CIO Vendor According to Forrester reports, public cloud platforms, business services, and applications will reach USD 236B—growing at a 22 percent CAGR between 2015 and 2020. The cloud application market will grow faster, with the 2020 total being 17 percent higher than the 2014 projection. Riding this wave of transformation, a fully specialized IT service company, AltF9 Technology Solutions has been active in the field of cloud solution, IT infrastructure, Remote Infrastructure Management, and Managed Services etc. AltF9’s team of specialists has extensive experience to transform ideas and manage a plethora of IT activities. The team is specialized in developing custom end-to-end mobile, and cloud solutions for business process improvement and sharing knowledge. AltF9 offers many solutions and services in advancement of infrastructure deployment like AWS, Azure, Devops, Cloud Infrastructure Implementation, and Cloud Infrastructure Operation services that help customers realize the benefits of cloud computing technologies.

A Complete Package
The company works towards designing, implementing and delivering business-driven technology solutions to make businesses more responsible, cut down technology costs and enhance productivity. AltF9’s prominent team manages all the business processes to enhance the customer experience. AltF9 provides high quality services relying on advanced project implementation, cost optimization, strict timetable adherence and exacting quality control during every phase of the project. The dedicated team is executing multifaceted projects involving storage silicon like FPGA, ASIC, board design, and verification and is working on
various layers that run on servers; on embedded storage software that runs on storage interconnect elements; on embedded software that runs on SAN and NAS storage systems; and on storage applications & solutions that involve backup, restore, archive, retrieve and quick recovery.

AltF9 also provides replacement of physical workstations by virtual machines. As a cloud based IT firm; from deploying connectivity solutions to network optimization, AltF9 engineers assess clients’ network architecture and identify those network devices and connectivity to maximize deployment. Armed with a lot of IT certification across all the virtualization domains, the team of experts at AltF9 enable to rapidly simulate and manage test environments to bring higher quality system to the market faster and at a lower cost.

Moreover, AltF9 offers comprehensive and complete web solutions for medium and large sized business with their Google apps for work and office 365 for collaboration within the office. AltF9’s solutions bring employees, partners and collaborators from around the globe close together. Additionally, the solutions allow anytime, anywhere access to business email, online calendar, file storage, docs, video meetings, surveys and much more.

Since their inception in 2017, AltF9 has helped businesses by providing integrated IT and business operations management solutions. The company also has an extension of Azure, AWS and DevOps, that brings the agility and innovation of cloud computing to clients’ on-premises environment and a hybrid cloud that allows building and deploying hybrid applications anywhere. The company looks forward to work on new infrastructure projects, and proceed with the planning & execution of concession-related projects. With such eccentric performance in the domain, AltF9 will continue to spread their wings in several more industry verticals.