ComtechRIM India: Presenting an À la carte of Technology Services

CIO Vendor IT Infrastructure services have taken a giant stride in the recent years. This advancement in service availability leaves businesses with no other option but to narrow down on the best in town. ComtechRIM, is the abbreviation for Computing Technologies and Remote Infrastructure Management. As the name suggests, the company has been specializing in Resource Management, IT Infrastructure Management, Enterprise Cloud Solutions and VOIP Services. Since its inception in 2012, Noida based ComtechRIM is determined to create solutions that reduce the cost and risk of ownership for businesses. Though being a fairly new company in the domain, ComtechRIM is driven by certified experts with over 20 years of industry and technology experience. Such expertise has enabled the company to become a reliable partner for its clients’ growth and progress. Moreover, a trust has been built over the years with respect to the quality of solutions and services offered. This is due the fact, that every offering that ComtechRIM makes is tried and tested.

As part of their IT Infrastructure management offering, ComtechRIM provides customized ITIL processes that complement and empower business units to deliver value. With certified ITIL experts and experience in process engineering, ComtechRIM is capable of not just managing the IT infrastructure but also, suggesting improvements to the clients IT processes. This IT Services Company performs complete and comprehensive management and monitoring of an organization’s IT Environment.

Automated syslogs, Server health, Network Monitoring & Management, Access Monitoring, Database health, hybrid deployments; all is taken care of in one place. “These are managed and monitored by us and controlled by you”, exclaims Puneet Bunet, Director, ComtechRIM. As a part of the IT Infrastructure Management services, ComtechRIM provides end to end cloud services.
These services include DevOps implementation, On-Premise to Cloud Migration, Cloud based DR and BCP.
ComtechRIM looks into recruitment of IT staff with personality, psychometric and per-employment assessments for clients. While at it, the company does a complete and comprehensive background check of employees for the clients. A

pplication management, Cloud Services, Server Management, Network Management and IT Service Desk are the essentials of IT Infrastructure Management services that ComtechRIM delivers. While enclosing a full spectrum of technology services from transition to transformation, ComtechRIM’s application management services supports business transformation through optimized speed, efficiency, cost predictability, real time visibility and monitoring of operations. As a strategic AMS partner, ComtechRIM integrates clients’ IT environment with their accelerated transition framework which reduces transition efforts and cuts down on cost as well. This is one of the many reasons, why the current clients of ComtechRIM have preferred them at the first place. In terms of server management, ComtechRIM has adequate experience in Windows & Linux Server configuration and complex networks. ComtechRIM also offers comprehensive solutions in the form of Cloud hosted PBX, IP Phones and Telecom equipment to call centers.

Let the Experts Do the Heavy Lifting
Lack of right application assistance has been the major drawback for the less-than-successful results of most of the ITSM implementations. ComtechRIM’s experienced ITIL Experts work symbiotically with client’s team to determine the right approach that fits client’s business model. The company renders end-toend implementation assistance which also includes system integration. Besides, ComtechRIM’s robust process mapping capabilities ensures value for money.
With a passion for creating solution targeting specific challenges faced by clients in their environment, ComtechRIM has been helping client, not as a business per se, but as an extension to their business environment. While working on newer solutions like one that integrates Machine Learning with Infrastructure Monitoring, ComtechRIM has envisioned serving customers with best-in-class business practices and staying a responsible member of the IT business community.