ComUnus: Programmable Infrastructure Services Everywhere

CIO Vendor Ideally, when it comes to corporate IT infrastructure, the business future and the IT infrastructure strategic needs should go hand in hand. Enterprises have to invest in a compatible and flexible IT infrastructure to support the change to drive digital business innovations. Based out of Mumbai, ComUnus Technologies’ expertise lays in IT Infrastructure services like Operating System, Middleware Technologies, Database, Storage, and Network. The company was founded in January 2016. Having more than 37 years of cumulative professional experience and practical engagement, ComUnus Technologies forms a vision of providing state of the art IT solutions using latest technologies and adoption of business standard. The company also provides a wide range of mobility solutions that can give businesses the true advantage of Digitization.

Services Infrastructure is a very basic requirement to build anything - be it a Nation or a Simple Software Program. So, the most crucial factor in IT infrastructure management services is pricing. Today, organizations face the pressure to reduce the cost of IT infrastructure without compromising quality. ComUnus helps customers to reduce the cost by optimum utilization of available resources.
Moreover, often it is observed that the customer purchases a service or a product without proper evaluation of usage and ends up paying high value. As a growing IT company with industry experience, ComUnus pays attention to the customer’s pain point and requirement and understands what and why it is required in order to ensure that less money is spent in execution. As Cloud is a best example of optimization, ComUnus has implemented the same thing with existing Physical Infrastructure for clients. The company helps clients to identify and get rid of unused applications and hardware so that it can reduce their cost by almost 10 percent year over year. This means, ComUnus enables clients to save cost for a sustainable solution which work for them for a longer period with nearly no re-work.
Modernize Foundation Layer for SOA
For companies looking to modernize and unlock the value of existing on-premises systems and applications, ComUnus’ Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) architecture serves as a critical foundation layer for SOA. ESB is a style of integration architecture that allows communication via a common communication bus that consists of a variety of point-to-point connections between providers and users of services. A service provider that is providing a Web service interface that is no longer being directly used by the service consumer but by the ESB instead. The ESB can deliver the interface exactly as is to potential service consumers. Any changes that need to be made to endpoint addresses can be easily implemented in the configuration of the ESB so that service consumers can continue to run as before.

ComUnus helps customers to reduce the cost by optimum utilization of available resources Budget- Friendly Solutions in IT Infrastructure Management

With such a comprehensive suite of Infrastructure Services, ComUnus leverages technologies which enable customers to reach their focused business growth. ComUnus motto is, “Happy Customers makes ComUnus Happy”. One of ComUnus’ clients was using a high cost Product with a license based on the Server Processor value. ComUnus found the loophole that many Development servers, UAT servers, DR servers or even Production servers where installed without considering Utilization, Performance or Priority. ComUnus identified all such servers and reshuffled processors. Now all the servers are being optimally utilized and Product License cost is drastically reduced by 20-25 percent, thus living up to their motto. ComUnus is consistently achieving these goals by crafting cost-effective, time-saving and value-driven solutions through the concerted convergence of People, Process and Technology.