Converge Systems: To Plan, Design, Supervise and Construct Customer Centric Data Infrastructure Solutions

CIO Vendor Although all business activities depend upon the infrastructure, planning projects to ensure its effective management are typically undervalued to the detriment of the organization. According to IDC, investments in infrastructure management have the largest single impact on an organization's revenue. Proper management and maintenance of IT Infrastructure resources are necessary to run businesses smooth and fast. This includes data centre, network and storage management to name a few. Having a responsibility to ensure the reliability of services and zero downtime, are the norms followed across successful enterprises. This necessitates designing infrastructure and applications to be hosted in resourceful way. In order to manage resources effectively, it is always good to envisage a plan that takes care of future scaling needs too. As such, Guwahati based Converge Systems and Services Private Limited delivers technology services by solving complex business challenges with technical innovation. Converge Systems focuses mainly on enterprise computing infrastructure for the customers (Compute, Network, and Security).

Ensuring businesses having the right technology infrastructure is no simple matter and many companies are left without the necessary resources to effectively and efficiently manage this monumental shift. By employing a model that is both predictable and cost effective, Converge Systems has effectively connected the dynamic and changing technology paradigms. It has built infrastructures for Datacentres, Deep Learning Computing, Machine Learning, High Performance Cluster Computing, Core Networking (LAN& WAN), and Data Security. Converge Systems has adopted various new technologies available in building the Cloud infrastructure. The cloud infrastructure is built at customer’s premises apart from building the infrastructure of elastic cloud solution.
Infrastructure Empowering the Customers
Creating a solid and secure infrastructure is not simply about protecting investment, upgrading and integrating technology. It’s also about empowering clients to create new opportunities to increase efficiencies and benefit the clients. With a team of engineers having sufficient experience in implementing large-scale turnkey projects, Converge Systems discusses and designs the solution for the customers as per their requirement. Very recently, the company has installed and commissioned a Tobacco Quit Line Centre in Dr. B Borooah Cancer Institute. It is one of the flagship program of GoI through which the disease eradication becomes possible. It is an Inbound and Outbound Call center facility through which the counsellor reaches out to the public and offers advice. This is a Tollfree facility where public reaches out to the counsellor. Through the entire infrastructure and application for this project, the Government is trying to reduce the prevalence of tobacco use and exposure to tobacco smoke.

Converge Systems has adopted various new technologies available in building the Cloud infrastructure

For such a sustained infrastructure management, Converge Systems also works with OEMs who have spent several years working in data security. For data security and reliability, the company brings in products from established OEMs having good after sales support. Also, Converge Systems is an authorized business partner of IBM, HP, Dell, Microsoft, CISCO, Juniper and other brands. With such services and support structures to solve complex business challenges, Converge Systems with its interface is delivering both, robust technical innovation and commitment to its customers.