Karvy Innotech : Enabling Businesses To Focus on Their Core Competency

CIO Vendor Enterprises today need a reliable and robust IT infrastructure to ensure seamless business operations. Hence, they are increasingly investing in Infrastructure Management Services in order to focus on their core competencies. However, the current IMS market has a plethora of players ranging from those who provide just ticketing and helpdesk management to players providing holistic infrastructure management services. Being one of the pioneers in the latter category, Hyderabad headquartered Karvy InnoTech aggressively pursues four submarkets within IMS. Termed as the pillars of IMS market by Ravi Venkatraman, CEO of the company, these four areas are IT Services, Enduser Computing, Data Centers, and Networking. The company uses applications management services as the backbone of its offering and lays out a support layer to manage network and security operations remotely through automation.

A fully-owned subsidiary of Karvy Data Management Services, Karvy InnoTech is the product of the parent organization’s acquisition of HCL Services. One amongst the chosen few CMMI Level 3 Certified Infrastructure Management Service Providers in the country, Karvy InnoTech is a domain expert that offers a suite of reliable, responsive, flexible and proven infrastructure services. With its presence across 600 locations, the company is perfectly poised to address the varying challenges of businesses pan-India. The leadership team at Karvy describes the company as a vehicle driven by two engines - innovation and technology. The same is reflected in its solutions and services that go on to bolster the customer’s business environment.

Real-time Enterprise Infrastructure Management
The company has developed several proprietary solutions to be deployed at the client’s premises. One such solution is Karvy’s MAESTRO suite. Developed with automation as the foundation, a feature that characterizes the array of company's offerings, Karvy’s MAESTRO suite boasts of realtime Enterprise Management Service (EMS) and Infrastructure Management Services capabilities. Inbuilt with a monitoring management and ticketing module, the solution can be delivered as a standalone system or on the SaaS model. Karvy’s MAESTRO suite also features intelligent bots which based on the information provided to the ISM, help the user with the required assistance. This drastically reduces the manpower that ticketing and helpdesk services traditionally demanded.
Over time, it has also been observed that a number of issues raised by clients that have outsourced their ISM services remain unattended and head towards violation, resulting in business downtime. Comprehending these difficulties, Karvy has equipped the suite with a capability to specify the number of tickets heading towards violation. With the feature available on the dashboard, the solution also provides users with alerts, pre-defined thresholds, escalation charts and realtime reports on various parameters that help ensure that all issues are taken care of on time. Extending support to some of the leading names in the finance market to stay up and running, this home-grown company is one of the largest vendors in the country with a state-of-the-art IT Operation Control Center which is based out of Pondicherry.
Research and Development (R&D) is a key area of focus that has been fuelling Karvy’s innovative initiatives. The company’s command over the market is further strengthened by its Center of Excellence (CoE), Global Delivery Center (GDE) and Technology Repair Center, which have been working in tandem to roll out best-in-class support and solutions. Karvy’s GDE and CoE is where all the field inputs are routed for analysis which later becomes the raw material for the company upon which a majority of its custom-built solutions are based.

Tried and Tested Procedures
The business landscape is dynamic. Consequently, the IMS provided has to be highly flexible to adapt to the changing environment. Karvy works closely with the client’s business objective and strives to gain visibility into their IT landscape. Ravi shares that this approach has many-a-times enabled the clients to discover earlier unknown shortcoming within their systems. However, Karvy’s services don’t simply end with the provisioning of a solution. The company reviews and continuously engages with the client under the QBR (Quarterly Business Review) program. This mechanism reveals the client’s growth trajectory, thus enabling Karvy to help the client adapt to the changing trends, reconfigure the business design, service levels, and development, if necessary. The company’s business-aligned IT services which aim to meet the CIO’s requirements for business intelligence and cutting-edge technology follow a similar approach of understanding the context behind the requirement and the QBR program. This particular service is topped off with Karvy’s technical advisory whereby workshops are conducted to familiarize CIOs and the management teams with the technology trends sweeping the market, their prospects and how they can be harnessed for a competitive edge.

Karvy also provides clients with the flexibility of shared services and remote management enabled through its multi-location presence. Having implemented and maintained some of largest networks in the country, Karvy is in complete compliance with all regulations that pulling off such a feat demands. All operations follow a tried and tested operating procedure along with synchronized activities between the brains behind the project i.e. the IT operations center and executioners of the projects i.e. the field operation teams.

Strategizing for Data Center security and backup
When it comes to Data Centers, they are the backbone of any IT infrastructure with Data Center security and backup strategies constituting the core of any IMS. While the paradigm shift to PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) has significantly eased security restrictions, Indian markets are only recently utilizing the cloud-based approach to data centers. Karvy focuses on setting up a Hybrid Data Centre and leverages its partnership with various OEMs in this field to provide solutions as per their requirement. While a majority of the clients often operate on the end version of the security tool, the services provided can range from Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), Firewall management, Endpoint Hardening to various other enterprise security services. The services are point specific and are again provided through a shared delivery center hosted through their Data Centers as a subscription model, all the while being continuously tracked, managed, monitored and reported. “We play the role of a typical service integrator and see how we can derive value for the customer,” delineates Ravi.

Prowess as technology integrator
While enterprises are increasingly migrating to Open Source, two primary challenges customers face are integration and management. With its prowess as technology integrator, Karvy helps enterprises migrate seamlessly while managing various changes associated with the shift. Karvy has in fact developed the MAESTRO Suite as well as their tool sets based entirely on open stack technologies. Backed by strong CoE and R&D and opensource ready teams, Karvy works to simulate systems, incubate technologies, perform risk analysis and help propose solutions and technology upgrades. OEMs are engaged prior for hardware compliance on open stack. Karvy’s GDC collects field inputs to build a knowledge repository which further helps provide critical advantages such as experience and learning in the delivery process.

Incessantly Striving for Excellence
Relentlessly striving to exceed customer expectations, Karvy stands for the future of the technology. Staying ahead of the curve with industry expertise and the strength of more than 2500 people, Karvy is a force to be reckoned with. Post acquiring HCL Services, the company is proud to have successfully retained all customers. The solution provider aims to continue investing in technology to drive innovation, and connect people and processes. Its goal in the near future is to emerge as a Tier 1 Enterprise within the next three years. The company is also in the process of launching another Innovation Center at Hyderabad.