NetLabs Global: End-to-End Digital Strategies for Cloud Generation

CIO Vendor In this era of Information Technology, executives are not looking at cloud as just a tool to leverage their infrastructure anymore. Now is the time for exploring optimal ways to use cloud technology in order to strategize the business goals. While cloud has offered great agility, flexibility and scalability advantages for organizations, there exists a major gap in the market with Small and Medium Business segment. Headquartered in Bangalore, an IT Infrastructure Management Service provider, NetLabs Global IT Services, is currently focusing on Healthcare, Banking & Financial Services and Retail industry verticals. As a process driven organization, NetLabs specializes in System Integration, Managed Services, Cloud, Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), setting up Green-Field Data Center and IT Transformation.

“Instant gratification” expectations of end consumers and the dynamic technology landscape have been the two major factors making businesses perspire. NetLabs’ infrastructure management portfolio in the hybrid converged environment has helped clients in seamless and secure transfer of their data in NetLabs’ cloud infrastructure. This ensures that the clients’ customers can access the information anytime, from anywhere and from any device, availing a lot of convenience. This helps such clients to grow their business and get the competitive advantage. Besides, NetLabs also offers ‘Email-as-a-Service’ (EaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) to the clients. This service offering eliminates the need to invest into on-premise mail servers and enables the clients to convert their Capital Expenditure or Capex (Exchange licensing cost + other services) into Operating Expenditure or Opex (Pay as you go). This variable cost structure helps our clients to grow their business, as they can use the Capex for carrying out innovation, rather than keeping the lights on.

With the banking segment being one of the largest customer segments for NetLabs, a lot of confidentiality and security aspects are needed to be taken care of. “Managing Risk and Security is the key strategic aspect of our business”, adds Santosh Deshpande, Chairman & MD, NetLabs. NetLabs follows ‘Three Tier Security’ approach. Firstly, the company follows the ‘Cyber Security and Resilience Framework’ that ensures the security against all major cyber threats. Secondly, NetLabs carries out ‘Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing’ (VAPT) every quarterly. This ensures that we get to know about new vulnerabilities and then decide the proactive approach to mitigate the impact caused due to them. Lastly, NetLabs also possesses a ‘Security Operating Center’ (SOC), through which different new vulnerabilities in the market are continuously monitored to avoid any surprises.

Delivering the Value Trifecta
NetLabs has been actively catering to the SMB segment within the Banking, Retail and Healthcare industries. The company started their journey by managing these segments’ frond-end applications ensuring service management. Following that, NetLabs transformed their infrastructure by moving from on-premise to cloud, providing business agility. The cloud migration initiative helped the client in reducing the cost by about 25 percent. Through 100 percent availability, customers can access their application from anywhere, through any device, anytime; ensuring end customer delight. Hence, this initiative offered the clients business agility, customer delight and cost reduction. “In order to reap the true benefits of digital, we migrated their infrastructure to cloud giving them Value Trifecta”, adds Santosh. Digital Transformation had never been just an industry buzzword, but a working mission for NetLabs. The company started out by managing end-to-end infrastructure for clients. Over the period, staying true to their digital mission, NetLabs started offering their core banking solution to the SMB banking sector to giving an edge through agile, and cost-effective platform-based service. Eyeing on technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and AI, NetLabs is on a path to delivering value through high end technologies.