SNDK Corp: Uncovering Innovation and New Revenue Streams with Smart IMS

CIO Vendor With the early definitions of infrastructure getting limited to just the structures of civil and other projects, the evolution of technology quickly expanded the definition of infrastructure to IT infrastructure as well. Over the time, technology evolved, and Infrastructure Management became the backbone of any given enterprise. Today’s CIOs are tasked with efficiently operating the technology infrastructure that supports overall enterprise or corporate goals. Part of this responsibility includes increasing business value by streamlining information retrieval and reporting, providing proactive and agile responses to leverage information and technology, and quickly adapting to allow enhanced end user experiences. Accomplishing these undertakings with its solutions and services, Ahmedabad based SNDK Corp fuels the transformation of operations and business models. SNDK Corp brings the global perspective and deep industry experience with its provision of a 360-degree scalable approach. The company provides a gamut of service, like cloud service, network solutions, open source and IoT. These solutions and services are specifically designed after understanding the budget, resources and current infrastructure constraints of the clients.

Touching the Cloud / Remote Infra- structure Needs
SNDK Corp holds expertise in cloud technology. The company helps client companies with migration, maintenance and consultation of cloud services and ensures that clients are transitioning to the cloud without any hassle, providing easy to manage, sustainable, scalable & cost effective solution. SNDK Corp takes into consideration the Cloud Migration & remote workplace requirements of an enterprise. These features have more than once been translated to some of the most successful case studies. For instance, political party top brass manage and analyse the performance of its 48000 member’s inputs through mobile apps. The amazing performance & scalability is handled using Amazon AWS cloud services. SNDK Corp was to provide a Cloud Solution interconnecting server allocations worldwide, to facilitate such seamless operation, a cloudbased Cisco Router was used which interconnected all the locations of the client’s company.
The interconnection was made via Dynamic VPN in a Mesh Network with a load balancing of 2 ISP lines that gained utmost uptime and interconnectivity.

The company helps client companies with migration, maintenance and consultation of cloud services and ensures that clients are transitioning to the cloud without any hassle

An instance where, a client based out of New York city wanted an cloud based PBX system which was centrally controlled and hassle free, SNDK Corp provided a solution of a cloud-based FreePBX with Twilio which gave them 100 percent hassle free solution saving them cost, time and resources. Now their 5 locations having 5 different numbers are served from same infrastructure. The benefits of Remote Infrastructure Management solutions all stem from the ease of operation, clarity of information and reporting, and cost savings. These features are realized only with a secured and scalable network. As such, SNDK Corp helps enterprises in installation, maintenance and upgrading the network. The company provides services for various technologies like VMware, Cisco, Sophos, Untangle and others.

Expanding Enterprises’ Capabilities with IoT Based Solutions
After the success with Home and Office Automation based on IoT called Spike Bot, SNDK Corp is forging its new IIoT based solutions that will caters to industries that are looking for predictive maintenance and updates of their Machines and Industrial Equipments. With all such innovative technology like ML, AI and Big data, SNDK Corp is poised to empower client enterprises and businesses by helping them with direction leading to right environment and choices, thus accelerating their ROI and efficiency.