Sun Plus Software Technologies: Aligning IT Infrastructure Services with Modern Business Needs

CIO Vendor Sun Plus Software Technologies is a global information technology development and consulting firm, which develops products, services, and solutions for several key sectors including, Education, Banking, Healthcare, Government and several others. This IT firm has significant expertise in product acquisition and implementation of cutting-edge technologies. Sun Plus' IT Infrastructure Management Services renders reliable, affordable, responsive, flexible and proven infrastructure solutions that create value for their customers.

Information Technology has grown exponentially bringing its own set of complexities. Providing the best and competent infrastructure services in the modern business ecosystem requires maintaining adequate redundancies in order to ensure high availability of the computing and communications infrastructure. This is besides provisioning for adequate disaster recovery preparedness. All these factors put together, significantly impacts the overall cost and complexity. Addressing these emerging complexities and needs of enterprises, Bangalore based Technology firm, Sun Plus Software Technologies, provides a suite of meticulously curated Infrastructure Management solutions backed up by its rich portfolio of service offerings across the entire IT infrastructure chain.

Sun Plus Software Technologies specializes in delivering reliable infrastructures services that are aligned with various internationally accepted compliances, standards and guidelines. These parameters are extended towards infra consulting, end user computing, data center set up, enterprise networking, enterprise security, IT infrastructure operation management and business transformation services. In 2011, Sun Plus Software Technologies made their successful foray into the market with a Digital feedback management system targeted for the education sector. The product eventually evolved and became Poll Monk, a Global Survey Application that has been recognized in the market as a one-stop solution supporting survey creation, response collection automation and report generation; thereby replacing cumbersome manual processes with a smarter and effective online system.

The company applies innovative ideas to create simple, valuable and trusted experiences of the technology ecosystem. Their current Research & Development work is focused on the following areas that include:
• IoT
• Artificial Intelligence
• Machine Learning
• Automation Technology
• Offline Website and APP imple mentation
• Block Chain Assessment

Addressing the Infrastructure Transformation
In this contrive, Sun Plus Software Technologies strategically extends a digital approach to various developing global geographical locations that are in dire need of digital transformation and infrastructure makeover. This approach has led the company to take decisive strides in various farfetched areas in India and Africa. The organization is diligently executing this strategy with a firm focus on delivering next-generation technology enablement, automation, transformation-driven IT, quality service delivery, and operational excellence.

The infrastructure framework is a convergence of cognitive tools and cross-skilled workforce with the best teams to install, implement and support. Sun Plus Software Technologies is ramping up their team's expertise and capabilities in an attempt to address the infrastructure management fault lines with cognitive technologies that have witnessed tremendous technological advancements and acceptance in the modern business scenario. The company is poised to provide an intricate and seamless mix of ML & AI capabilities with Blockchain, to address several Enterprise Infrastructure Management bottlenecks.

The company applies innovative ideas to create simple, valuable and trusted experiences of the technology ecosystem

Sun Plus Software Technologies is sitting at the cusp of technology transformation. The company’s success across client engagements can be attributed to key differentiators including advanced infrastructure management services & frameworks, demand-specific technology solutions for solving critical business problems and various automation solutions. As a technology company, they are evolving constantly with the latest trends in the tech space. As for their mission, the company intends to deliver true technology transformation to its customers across the globe via continuous evolution, innovation and reliability.