TrendzSet Soft Solutions: For the Value, Sensitivity and Convenience of Customers

CIO Vendor Astonishingly changed times of mobile technologies and business without borders requires a solid, durable IT strategy and infrastructure to support the networks, servers, operating systems, and Cloud-based applications. According to NASSCOM, the demand for IT services and ITES is very large, and that only a small percentage of the potential has been realized. More so, India is a global leader in the provision of both IT services and ITES.

Contributing to this, Hyderabad based TrendzSet Soft Solutions Private Limited is an adept, creatively focused organization, with expert knowhow and true professionals, working buoyantly to produce powerful and complete Information Technology (IT) and Information Technology Enabled Services (ITES) solutions that enable clients to grow and build strongly. TrendzSet focuses on end-to-end maintenance of current infrastructures along with end-user support and services that benefit businesses by reducing headcount, customized billing, and on-demand services. As a managed service provider, TrendzSet offers a plethora of services enclosing AWS, Azure, Cloud computing, Citrix, VMware administration, and server & network administration (products like Cisco, Avaya, Juniper) using a unique model of onsite, offsite and offshore methodology. These range from the company’s 24x7 NOC support to monitor the health, performance and security status of clients’ networks and systems. Moreover, the same managed services can extend support to hybrid Cloud and multiple Cloud environments easing efforts and overall management of such complex computing environments. With TrendzSet, costs get significantly lower and service levels reach higher benchmarks of quality than ever before. These lead to TrendzSet’s delivery of agreed-upon outcomes and in turn allows clients’ resources to focus on other more strategic, higher value-oriented activities. TrendzSet’s approach towards managing customers’ infrastructure renders exceptional flexibility in terms of structuring the service arrangements.
"We can design, build and run a dynamic IT infrastructure for you that is efficient, scalable and extremely flexible as ITIL is at the forefront of the best practices and process methodology we follow to bring clarity to complex IT processes and, at the same time, follow a quality and risk management framework”, enlightens Ghouse Ahmed, Founder & Head – IT Infrastructure Services at TrendzSet Soft Solutions.

TrendzSet’s approach towards managing customers’ infrastructure renders exceptional flexibility in terms of structuring the service arrangements

TrendzSet understands dynamically transforming business requirements, performs complete and thorough analysis of current IT infrastructures and clients’ business, and comes up with customized cost-effective solutions that feature scalability, availability, reliability and excellent end-user experience using Cloud technologies. This service provider’s Cloud technology services range from full applications and development platforms, to servers, storage and virtual desktops, with delivery on demand and payment as per usage.

TrendzSet’s integrated solutions and cloud services give the IT infrastructure enough room to scale as required, thereby essentially helping to improve the responsiveness and resilience of the client’s business without any hefty capital investment.

In the forthcoming years of operation, TrendzSet envisages becoming a leader in creating centralized 24x7 managed services for SMEs providing remote and onsite model. Helpdesk support as a service and desktop support as a service form a part of TrendzSet’s future blueprint, in an attempt to further simplify how IT infrastructures work.